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Saints & Scholars (our before and after school clubs)

Saints & Scholars

Sessions in breakfast and after school club need to be pre booked and paid for in advance on a Monday morning.

Payment can be made via Sims Agora, cash, cheque and child care vouchers

You can book session using the existing booking form or by emailing sas@stm.bexley.sch.uk

Any un-booked sessions will now be charged at £7.00 breakfast club and £11.00 after school club.

Non-payment of any fees for over two weeks will result in the child/children’s place being lost in the club

Also the late fee for any child collected after 6pm is £30.00 per 30 minutes

Please ensure that your child is collected on time

Thank you

Mrs Burton

Breakfast Club

   1 child                 £  5.00

2 children               £ 8.00

3 children               £10.00

(Breakfast is served until 8.20am)

After School Club

1 child                £  9.00

2 children            £15.00

3 children            £20.00


Late pick up fee after 6pm - an additional payment of £30.00 per 30 minutes


Please ensure that payment is made in advance of any sessions being booked.

 No payment no booking!

SIMs Agora is our preferred method of payment

  We also accept Childcare Vouchers please see Mrs Burton for more details.

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