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Hello my name is Jessica, I am 8 and I am in year 3.   I think I should be on the school council because I like discussing ideas with my fellow students about what ideas and/or changes/improvements they would like me to put forward in school council meetings.  I get on well with my class and they give me some good ideas to put forward.  I enjoy coming to council meetings and listening to everyone discussing their ideas.

by  Jessica McG

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Hello my name is Siena and I am 10 years old and I am in St John's class.  I am in the school improvement council because I want to find ways to make the school and even better environment to learn.  I think I make a good representative for St John's because I listen to my class and include their ideas in my meetings.


by Siena H



My name is Marshal and I represent Elm Class.  I think I should be on the school council because I will try and be the best that I can be.  I will work hard and make sure that the people in my class always give me ideas for my school council book.  I will do more and be more and will also be looking smart and always thinking smart.   As a school council member I will do what I am expected to do and even more than I am expected to do.

by Marshal

Hello!  My name is Andrew and I am 11 years old, a year 6 pupil.  I am the head boy of the school and part of my job is to be on the School Improvement Council.  I have also got the position of Chairman because I was elected by the rest of the Council.

I am a very hard working boy - committed to my duties.  We discuss issues that are beneficial to our school and work well as a group.  I enjoy working with other pupils and am a team player.

by Andrew T, Head Boy.

My name is Nathan and I am part of the shool council.  I am in Year 2 Cherry Class.  I think that we need a school council because the children need to have a say in what they think would be good for the school.  I think that I should be part of the school council because I am confident about speaking to my class about what they want for our school.  I also think that I should be part of it because I know that I am capable of turning ideas into reality.

by Nathan O

Hello my name is Summer.  I am in Cedar.  I am in Year 4.  In school council we talk about how to improve the school and how to make it really fun but still educational.  Without the school council the school would just be a normal school and not fun or educational.  I like the fact that we have an amazing school where people share their ideas and equipment with each other.

by Summer M.

My name is Evie and I am in Maple Class in Year 3.  I am 8 years old and I am a very serious person.  I deserve to be a school councillor because I feel I can help the school to become an outstanding school.  I am clever and I will be the best I can.  My classmates come to me with their ideas and suggestions and I take them to my meeting where they are discussed and voted on.  I like the fact that as pupils we are heard by our school and I'm very proud to be a member.

by Evie T.

Hello I am Josephine and I am 9 years old.  I am in Palm Class and I am a very happy person and open-minded as well as a great listener.  I stay positive and if I try my best I can make big changes to the school.

by Josephine E.

Hello I am Victoria and I am the representative for Beech Class.  In School Improvement Council we discuss issues our class brings up.  We hear what other classes want for the school.   I think we should have a School Improvement Council because if we didn't the svchool wouldn't be the same.  This council also gives students a voice.  I think I am a perfect candidate for this council because I listen to other people's ideas.

by Victoria O.

My name is Darcey I am 6 years old and I am in year 1.  I love being on the school council because I enjoy improving the school and making a better environment for pupils to learn in.  I am the kind of person who likes o get stuff done.  I like that we get heard in this school.

by Darcey L.

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