RE Curriculum

The Way, the Truth, the Life – Topics

Introduction to The Way, The Truth and The Life Syllabus

This syllabus is based on the Religious Education Curriculum Directory for Catholic schools. It has been developed by teachers in direct response to a perceived need for a clear framework for effective, systematic and rigorous teaching and learning, at least equal to that of other curriculum areas. To this end it addresses both content and methodology.

Other faiths are addressed as a consequence of, and in the context of, Catholic teaching. Catholic teaching about the action of God in the world requires an informed and respectful approach to other faiths. By a study of the action of God in these faiths, Catholics can come to a deeper appreciation of the revelation of God in Christ. Catholics can also learn from the practices of other faiths (e.g. patterns of prayer, fasting, pilgrimages etc.)

There are three Attainment Targets that outline “learning about” (named Knowledge and Understanding) and “learning from” (named Engagement and Response) religion as well as Analysis and Evaluation. Please see the skills outlined for different age groups below.

Year 1

God’s Great Plan

Mary, Mother of God

Families and Celebrations

Following Jesus



Year 3

The Christian Family

Mary, Our Mother

Called to Change


Celebrating Easter and Pentecost

Being a Christian

Year 5

Gifts from God/Creation

The Commandments

Inspirational People


Life in the Risen Lord

People of other Faiths

Year 2

The Chosen People


The Good News

The Mass


The Church is Born

Year 4

The Bible

Trust in God

Jesus, the Teacher

Jesus, the Saviour

Mission of the Church

Belonging to the Church

Year 6

The Kingdom of God


Jesus, the Bread of Life

Jesus, the Son of God

The Work of the Apostles

Called to Serve