Friday 1 st November 2019

Today our school celebrated All Saints Day with a whole school Mass with Father Michael. All the children who conducted the readings read beautifully and the children sang the hymns well. During the Mass we reflected on how we can better ourselves like the Saints.

Now we are in the month of November we are raising money for the Poppy Appeal. SANCTUS (our pupil chaplaincy group) are selling poppies each day after lunch. Thank you for the kind donations that they have received already and thank you in advance for any further donations.

Monday 24th June

Over the past few months many of us have been preparing for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion as the next step on our faith journey.

For many of us it was an exciting time as we knew it would be taking us even closer to Jesus as we stand with him at the altar when we receive the bread and precious blood. However some of us were nervous as we prepared—worrying about remembering our words and the added pressure of taking the collection plate around.

Afterwards, our nerves had left us and we were able to enjoy our new experience.

“After I had received my first Holy Communion I felt amazing because I knew Jesus was with me as I took the bread.”

“Afterwards I felt relieved because I was finally able to have Christ with me which was amazing.”

“Afterwards I felt closer to God. I was so proud!”

“I felt excited because I know the more steps I take the more I will be like Jesus.”

We then celebrated this important journey as a whole Year 3 assembly sharing our experience and new hopes with our friends and family who were invited to watch us.

Friday 21st June

On Friday 21st June 2019, Father Jonathon and Father Michael came to our school to celebrate the Feast Day Mass of Saint Thomas More. The children read and sang beautifully ending the day with our school song.

Monday 8th April

We welcomed Kevin from the Cafod team into our school. Kevin worked alongside the Year 6 children on Life Without Water. The children were talking about their use of water for the first section and then Kevin spoke about water in different countries.

The game/activity was colouring in buckets to represent the buckets they had to go and fill from the 'river'. There were 'chance' cards that either gave them something good (like two extra buckets) or something bad (like one of their family was ill so one of them had to stop working for 2 mins).

Tuesday 2nd April

Mrs McClumpha invited the parents to come and share a Lectio Divina session.

During the session we focused on the Gospel of John 5:1-16 where we were able to reflect on ourselves, the actions we would take towards the sick, poor and needy and how this affects our society today.

Please look out for future dates of sessions with parents in the Newsletter.

During the school day, classes and children visit the Oratory for times of prayer, meditation and reflection.

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Thursday 28th March 2018

Father Michael joined the KS1 children in their Mass on the theme of Lent.

He read a lovely story about the Selfish Giant which the children thoroughly enjoyed.

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KS1 Mass with Father Michael

Year 2 had a visit from Father Michael who taught the children about the Mass and the meaning of the Eucharist. The children enjoyed learning from Father Michael and were able to ask in-depth questions.

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On Friday 29th March 2019, we celebrated Water Day by wearing something blue with our uniform and donated a huge amount of money to Cafod.