Sanctus: Pupil Chaplaincy

Pupil Chaplaincy has a very high profile in our school and we are now on our third team of Pupil Chaplains. This year St Thomas More has a dedicated team of 5 Chaplains who have a vital role to play in enhancing the Religious Life of our school.

Each Chaplain has to apply for this important job and is accepted by the Headteacher and the retiring Chaplaincy team. The pupils are selected when they reach the summer term of Year 4 and shadow the existing members and learn how to be a member of the team and the responsibilities that come with the role.

Our Pupil Chaplains are easily identified in school by their special Chaplain badge. Our Pupil Chaplains work hard to promote our Catholic faith in school but they are also a wonderful link between the school and our parish.

“In Sanctus we do many jobs such as, reading in Mass, hosting competitions, handing out the Wednesday Word, checking and cleaning the Oratory and checking class RE altars and displays. There are only six of us in SANCTUS but we get the job done quick. I feel very honoured to be a part of SANCTUS and I really enjoy it.”

“SANCTUS is a religious group formed by Mrs McClumpha. We meet every Thursday lunch time to do our jobs together.”

“As part of SANCTUS we assist with charities. Our first charity was the Poppy Appeal. We really enjoyed selling the items to raise money and the generosity from children and parents was greatly appreciated.”

Our chaplaincy group goes by the name of Sanctus. The roles and responsibilities of our SANCTUS team.

Wednesday Word- The groups take this to each class every week and share the gospel with the children.

Whole school competitions- Most recently the Easter raffle where they collected donations to enter the prize draw and win one of the three hampers.

UNICEF- They work closely with our UNICEF group to collect food for the food bank. This was working towards the A2 target in RE for all pupils which is to learn from religion.

Mass- The children group play a role in our whole school and class masses.

Picnic and Praise- They are invited to join the Catholic schools mass at the beginning of the academic year as well as to the event, Picnic and Praise, which is hosted by the Diocese.

Inspections- SANCTUS have a vital role in the inspections that take place across the academic year. They were invited to speak with our inspectors from OfSTED and Section 48 team. A comment from our most recent Section 48 report states;

'The ‘Sanctus’ group promote Religious Education around the school and lead on the development of many faith based activities. They were involved in the prayer garden demonstrating faith in action. The ‘Charities’ group encourages other pupils to contribute to a range of different and some of the tasks these pupils carry out include welcoming new pupils and staff to our school, leading Masses and Liturgical events, delivering whole school morning worship through the school broadcast system and leading fundraising initiatives.'

We are very proud of our pupil chaplains and they are a credit to us.