Our Vision, Our Mission

Our school motto:

Do more, be more, for yourself, for others and for God.

Our Mission Statement:

At the centre of the school is love, a love of learning, service and improvement. With Jesus Christ as our teacher, we work to serve, contributing through education, to the wider community, to our parishes and our world. Christ has no hands or feet on earth but ours; we are His servants. By doing more and being more we recognise that it is through education that we can achieve our goals.

At St Thomas More we aim to develop learners who:

Are faithful to God

Understand that they have a role in God's world

Are independent learners

Have high expectations of themselves

Working alongside the parishes and parents,

children will leave St Thomas More educated, confident and inspired.

We are a friendly, caring, and successful Catholic school, serving the two parishes of St Thomas More & St John Vianney in Bexleyheath. We are in the London Borough of Bexley, in the Archdiocese of Southwark.