Faith in Action - Friday 24th March 2023

Our children were so delighted to see that it is not only them that have the passion to demonstrate Preferential Option for the Poor and Solidarity when our staff had their own 'own clothes day' raising money for Catholic Children's Society. Our team are always happy to help the most vulnerable, poor and needy.  We raised a total of one hundred pounds!!

Faith in Action - The Passage Monday 20th March 2023

Today we had the pleasure of welcoming Mal from The Passage to talk to us about the charity and how they help and raise fund for the homeless. One important lesson we learnt today is that the homeless aren't being listened to and not having much of a voice, therefore, it is our duty to come together through solidarity and subsidiarity to give them a voice so they can be heard and receive the help and support they need. 


This week our KS2 children have taken time to reflect on their sins and come to confession in school. We were happy to welcome back Father Michael this week who made our hearts full! Thank you to Father Jonathon, Father Jeff and Father Michael for guiding our children through their faith journey and being able to confess their sins with dignity and confidence.

Challenge set by the Prefects WB 13.3.23

This week our prefects spread the message from Sunday's Gospel from John 4:5-42 that God's love is all around and we are His disciples by demonstrating His love through the Common Good, like Jesus and the Samaritan woman displaying the Common Good by sharing the water.  We linked this to our School Mission Statement of how we show God's love by using His hands and feet. The prefects also set us a challenge of identifying where we can see and identify God in Maths. Here is what some children have told us:

" I found God in Maths when I needed encouragement. I was finding the work difficult so I asked God to encourage me and he did! I was full of encouragement."

" I found God in Maths through my teacher as she helps me when I am stuck."

"I found God in Maths when I was about to give up, I asked God to help me and he gave me the strength to not give up and carry on, which I did."

Year 2 The Mass - focusing on the Altar

Today, Year 2 explored the Oratory and the Altar in their immersion to the topic of The Mass. The children identified the symbols used and placed on the altar, their significance and how celebrating Mass is like celebrating The Last Supper. The children also enjoyed acting out blessing the bread, breaking it and sharing it just like Jesus did at his Last Supper. We were able to link this to Human Dignity and how we respect the dignity of others in our everyday lives, we bowed our heads when we learnt that Christ was present in the tabernacle and the significance of the Sanctuary light. 

Faith in Action Tuesday 21st February 2023

Our Year 4 children have demonstrated Catholic Social Teaching in deciding to set up a staff Cafe this morning. They planned and executed this on their own and are donating their money raised to Cancer Research UK. Well done, we are so very proud of you and thankful for the yummy treats!!

Charity begins at home

This young lady has shown Solidarity and the Common Good by donating her own Bible books for our prayer garden. A little bit of love and selflessness goes a long way!

Celebrating RE

This young lady in Year 2 has gone above and beyond in her learning of The Good News. She has created her own story about the news of Jesus feeding the 5,000 and was able to explain to me why this was good news and was able to link it to Solidarity and Preferential Option for the Poor.

Well done, we are very proud of you!

Tuesday 17th January 2023 Visit from Episcopal Vicar

Today we welcomed Cannon Victor into our school. He spoke to many children and found out lots about our school.  He was amazed to witness the Good News spread by our children through their child led class Acts of Worship.

CRiBS Friday 16th December 2022

Today the CRiBS team visited STM to deliver the Christmas story in a unique and fun way. The children enjoyed listening to the story through puppetry. Thank you to the CRiBS team for always delivering fantastic shows for our children!

Celebrating Christmas Thursday 15th December 2022

Today, Year 2 performed their performance of 'There's Something Amazing Going On' which included the most amazing dance moves to their songs, as well as telling the story of the birth of Jesus with beauty and grace. During the encore they had their families up on their feet dancing with them, what a delight to see!! The children have chosen Rainbow Trust for their Charity and raised a staggering £222! Well done!!

Year 5 and 6 filled St John Vianney Church with the spirit of Christmas with their beautiful Christmas Carol concert. The children told the story with love and sang with great passion. They raised a generous donation for the chosen charities which included:

Year 5 Make a Wish £244.18

Year 6 Bexley Snap £255.84

Well done to our children and thank you to the families for their generosity.

Servant Leadership

Our staff at STM are so proud of our children when they demonstrate integrity. Our children live and breathe their school mission statement of Doing More and Being More showing CST at its finest.

STM Christmas Choir

How lucky were we today at our final Achievement assembly. Our  talented STM Christmas Choir sang two of the carols they have been practising for when they venture into the community. What a treat for us to end our week as we continue on our journey through Advent to prepare for the Son of Man to come. 

Celebrating Christmas Thursday 8th December 2022

Today our Year 1 children delivered an amazing performance of their Nativity production. They sang with beauty, spoke with love and acted with grace! Well done to our Year 1 children! They chose When you wish upon a Star for their Charity which provides wishes for sick children with terminal illness.  Our Year 3 and 4 children blew us away with their moving Carol Concert at St Thomas More Church, there wasn't a dry eye in sight. The children were absolute professionals and we couldn't be more proud!! They chose Save the Children and Rainbow Trust as their Charity and raised a staggering amount!! 

Thursday 8th December 2022

Today, we welcomes Claire from MissioUK who came to thank our school disco fundraising team and to let them know how the money they raised would help other children!

Reception Nativity 1st December 2022

Today we started our Christmas at STM with our first Nativity from our Reception children. They told us the story of Christmas in a heartwarming way and chose Save the Children as their charity.

Advent Service Tuesday 29th November 2022

Today Father Jonathon and Mrs Doran-Hannon led us in our Advent service. The theme was 'You Never Know' which was opened by some beautiful liturgical dance, gospel readings from our prefects and a blessing of our wreaths from Father Jonathon. Mrs Doran-Hannon reminded us that the Son of God will return to us could be today, it could be tomorrow, it could be anytime and that we need to be ready and awake. This week we light our first purple candle which represents Hope as each child who demonstrates hope helped Mrs Doran-Hannon light the first Advent candle. Here we see Human Dignity and Solidarity in its finest form. Are you ready for the Son of God to return? Are you feeling hopeful?

Faith in Action Friday 18th November 2022

We are so very proud of a member of our Mini Vinnies and her peers for putting faith into action. Here the children demonstrated Preferential Option for the Poor by planning and setting up a stall for the children at the Juniors school disco. The children had many exciting items that they sold to the children in order to raise money for charity.

Toddler Stay and Pray 16th November 2022

Today, Benny the prayer bear was joined by three friends. The children listened to the miracle of Loaves and Fishes and talked about how we can be helpers like Jesus and help our community when there are natural and human disasters. The children and Doc McStuffins enjoyed colouring the farmer looking after his animals just like Jesus looks after us.

WB: 7th-11th November 2022

Our Mini Vinnies team have been displaying The Common Good and Peace by supporting the Royal British Legion in selling Poppies in our school. Our children have been very generous donating to the Royal British Legion.

Tuesday 1st November 2022

Today we came together through Human Dignity and Solidarity with Father Michael to celebrate All Saints Day with a whole school mass. Father Michael reminded us that we should always try to be like the saints in actions, thoughts and words. 

Monday 17th October 2022

Today our Year 3 children joined Father Michael at St John Vianney Church to extend their knowledge about the Sacrament of Baptism. The children listened intently, engaged in role play and discussed the importance of baptism. 

Mini Vinnies - Update!!

We are very delighted to receive our certificate to certify us as a Minnie Vinnies School!! Our group will be announced this week and aim to meet soon to start to arrange activities to help those who are in need. Who will be our new Mini Vinnies? Make sure to come back and see!! Click on our new Mini Vinnies tab to see our new Mini Vinnies group!!


Catholic Life and Mission

Well done to our pupils showing aspects of Catholic Life and Mission as well as art in RE. Our very own Akshara came first in two competitions - one held during Advent and one during Lent showing. Here is one of her paintings showing the Three Wise Men on their journey to meet baby Jesus using her amazing artistic skills! Well done Akshara. 

Ciera and Ethan have been awarded the Head Teacher's Award by showing integrity in their everyday life!! Well done both!

Toddler Stay and Pray

Today Prayer Bear was very delighted to be joined by our toddlers today for a Stay and Pray session. Prayer Bear showed the children the altar and explored the candles, Prayer pebbles, Bible, Jesus and Rosary Beads. The children joined Prayer Bear in prayer, thanking God for all that he does for us!! Prayer Bear is excited to see more visitors next week!!

Monday 26th September 2022

Our Prefects delivered their first whole school Gospel Act of Worship today! Well done, excellently planned and delivered!! 

Monday 26th September 2022 Visit from CAFOD

Children from Year 1 -6 have been introduced to the work of CAFOD today by Maggie one of the CAFOD volunteers.  We looked at promoting the Common Good and Solidarity of helping the world in emergency.  

The London Borough of Bexley's Service of Commemoration of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

On Sunday 25th September 2022, some of our staff came together to demonstrate Human Dignity and Solidarity by attending the beautiful service in commemoration of the late Queen Elizabeth II. The Choir sang beautifully, the scouts and cadets presented their flags with pride and great memoirs were shared, especially when Queen Elizabeth II came to visit Bexleyheath in 2005 where she opened Crook Log Leisure Centre and Danson House. It was lovely to hear from many different communities and members of the Common Wealth. 

Our Condolences to the late Queen Elizabeth II

We have been demonstrating our Human Dignity and Solidarity by paying our respects to the late Queen Elizabeth II with signing our school condolence book. Thank you ma'am for your service. Rest In Peace Queen Elizabeth.

Friday 16th September 2022 - New School Year Mass

Today we came together as a school community demonstrating our Human Dignity and Solidarity in celebrating our New School Year Mass. Thank you to our celebrant Father Jonathon who delivered a beautiful Mass alongside our readers from SANCTUS and our altar servers. Father Jonathon encouraged the children to take a moment to think about what they wanted to achieve this academic year as well as thinking about who can help them from our school community. A great start of reflection for all our staff and children at the start of the year.

Thursday 15th September 2022 - signing the book of Condolences

Today we went to the Civic offices to offer our condolences to the late Queen Elizabeth II. We  demonstrated Solidarity and Peace by being magnificent representatives for our school.

Stay and Pray!

Please come and join Mrs McClumpha every Wednesday from 9am for bagels/croissants and a chance to take a moment of reflection and meditation. 

Prayer and bagel poster.docx

Wednesday 12th September 2022

Today the SANCTUS group came together to lead their first prayer group session with the Year 2  children. We read the Gospel of spreading the good news and shared what good news we have. We listened to each other and showed great Solidarity  as well as Subsidiarity when praying together.

Monday 12th September 2022

Today we welcomed Joanna Waller from Mini Vinnies who delivered an informative presentation on what Mini Vinnies is and what the role of a Mini Vincent would entail. The children will be focusing on the work of Vincent De Paul and how they can reach out to the poor and needy focusing on Preferential Option for the Poor. KS2 have been invited to write a letter to Mrs McClumpha as to why they would like to be considered for the role!! Exciting times ahead!!!

End of Year Mass Monday 18th July 2022

Today, our Year 6 children joined Father Michael at St John Vianney Church to celebrate their end of Year Mass. The children read with love, sang with contentment and listened to the Gospel with good understanding. 

Infant Mass Wednesday 29th June 2022

Today the Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children came together with Father Michael to celebrate the Feast of St Peter and St Paul with their Mass centred around love. The children read beautifully, they sang with pride, they presented the gifts carefully and listened to the homily intently. Father Michael spoke of how Jesus loves us all and how He is the Good Shepherd and presented us with a gift for our altars for our own prayer and reflection. Thank you to Father Michael for celebrating with us and for our parents who attended too.  How can you show participation and solidarity by being a good shepherd this week?

SANCTUS trip to One Mind, One Heart, Aylesford

On Thursday 23rd June 2022, the current SANCTUS group were invited to join many other schools in the diocese, to attend One Mind, One heart Picnic and Praise. The group really enjoyed their day taking time for personal reflection and meditation. The group enjoyed listening to the gospel choir throughout the liturgy and were able to lift their hearts to the Lord with pride. 

St Thomas More Feast Day Wednesday 22nd June 2022

Today, we gathered together with Father Jonathon and Father Michael to celebrate the feast day of our patron saint Thomas More with a whole school Mass. The children sang the hymns beautifully, the readers read with such pride and love and our altar servers served the priests impeccably well. We sang our hearts out to our school sang and ended the day with such love for our school and our saint. How are you like Thomas More?

Easter Art Work Year 6

Y6 interpretations of the Easter Passion. What beautiful images the children have created capturing every emotion that is felt through every station. We love the use of colour which captures the moment perfectly. Well done Year 6!!

Year 5 Stations of the Cross 31st March 2022

Well done to the Year 5 children in delivering a very moving, inspiring and thought-provoking Stations of the Cross. It was incredible and we are very proud of the children, well done Year 5!!

CRiBS 30th March 2022

Today we had the pleasure of the CRiBS team delivering  the Easter Story told with great passion. The big book was incredible!! All the children enjoyed listening to the story and understanding the Good News that Jesus is Alive!!

Oscar Romero Feast Day 24th March 2022

To celebrate the Feast Day of Oscar Romero Mrs Doran-Hannon and Mrs McClumpha took some of the students to St George's Cathedral to attend the Oscar Romero Mass. We were amazed at the sight and beauty of the Cathedral and enjoyed the hymns, the readings and being God's microphone during the homily. We were greeted by Archbishop John Wilson who made us feel very welcome and we were proud to receive our Oscar Romero Participator award from him too. We are all called to be God's microphone and be like Oscar Romero in putting the poor and needy first as well as giving people a voice and the freedom of being able to speak and be heard. How can you be God's microphone during Lent? In what ways do you promote/display aspects of Catholic Social Teaching like Oscar Romero in your everyday life?

Reconciliation 14th/15th March 2022

This week we were blessed to have Father Jonathon and Father Michael come to celebrate Reconciliation with our KS2 children. Take this time during Lent to think of what you can change and Reconcile your sins.

Ash Wednesday Mass 2nd March 2022

Today we came together as a school family and celebrated our first whole school Mass since the pandemic. The children prayed, sang and listened to the word of God. All of the children received their ashes on their foreheads ready for their journey through Lent. Thank you to Father Jonathon, the readers, the gist bearers and our altar server for making the Mass so beautiful.  Please take time during Lent to be still, pray and help others. 

Tuesday 8th February 2022

This week, Sanctus led their prayer club with the children from Year 2. The focus for the session was on the Catholic Social Teaching aspect of Preferential Option for the Poor. A Preferential Option for the Poor means that we think first about the needs of those who are the most vulnerable.

Jesus taught that when we feed the hungry, welcome the stranger, clothe the naked, look after the sick and visit those imprisoned, we are looking after Him.

We discussed how we can help the poor in our everyday lives and reflected on how we are lucky to have the things we do have. How are you going to demonstrate Preferential Option for the Poor this week?

Tuesday 1st February 2022

This week, SANCTUS led their prayer club with the children from Year 1. They focused on the Gospel of Jesus' first miracle of turning the water into wine.  This linked to the Catholic Social Teaching aspects of Solidarity, the Common Good and Subsidiarity. We discussed what changes we can make to help build a fairer world, so that all people have what they need to live happy, healthy and peaceful lives. We wrote on our worlds what we would like to change. What would you like to change in our world?

Faith in Action

We are so proud of our Year 3 children who have put faith into action by raising money for the people of Tonga. The children made and donated cakes for a Cake sale on Friday 28th January 2022. The children raised over £300!! Well done Year 3. Thank you to the parents and children for your generous donations too!

Year 6 Mass 18th January 2022

Well done to our Year 6 children starting the year spiritually by attending their first Mass of this academic year at St Thomas More Church. The children sat beautifully and listened to the word of God intently. Thank you to one of our children who served with Father Jonathon. Year 6, you have made us so proud!

Lower and Upper Junior Carol concerts

Well done to all our juniors on making Advent even more magical with their stunning Carol Concerts. On Wednesday 8th December, St John Vianney Church was filled with Christmas joy as the Year 3 and Year 4 children sung their carols with passion. On Wednesday 15th December, St Thomas More Church was bursting with the spirit of Christmas with our Year 5 and 6 children ending this half term with the most beautiful carols. Well done Juniors you are Outstanding!!

Wednesday 15th December 2021

Well done to our Year 2 children who finished the Key Stage 1 Nativity stories with Joining Joseph. The children sang with enjoyment, told the story with confidence and included some quirky dance moves!! The children also had the audience laughing and dancing to their story of Joseph! The children chose to to support Save the Children for their charity. Well done Year 2 we are ever so proud of you!

Tuesday 14th December 2021

Thank you to the CRiBS team for visiting us today and sharing with us their performance of The Promise Keeper. The children enjoyed seeing you all again and your amazing show. 

Wednesday 8th December 2021

Well done to our Year 1 children on performing their Nativity. The children sang beautifully and told the Nativity story with great confidence. The children chose to support the charity of Honeypot charity based in Bexleyheath.  Well done, Year 1, we are so proud of you!

Tuesday 7th December 2021

SANCTUS led their fifth prayer club with the children from Year 5. The focus was on the second advent candle of faith and peace. We looked at scripture on peace and how they relate to our lives. We linked this to the following Social Catholic Teaching aspects of:

Human dignity - everyone is special

Solidarity - showing we care.

We chose a piece of scripture based on peace that related to ourselves and wrote it on our advent candle.

What scripture based on peace relates to you? 

Reception Nativity 1st December 2021

Well done to our Reception children on performing their first Nativity of the New Church Year. 

The children sang with pride, spoke with confidence and shared the story of the birth of Jesus with delight! The children also chose to support Business2Schools for their charity. Well done 

Reception, we are ever so proud of you all.

Advent Monday 29th November 2021

Today we started our spiritual journey of Advent with our Advent service led by the Year 6 prefects. The service was absolutely beautiful with the guitarists playing soft music to welcome the pupils and staff into the hall. The Year 6 prefects shared with us what Advent means, what it is and why we celebrate it linking the candles to scripture from the Bible. Father Jonathon blessed all the class wreaths with Holy Water and shared a prayer with us. A member of each class were invited to light the first purple candle which represents Hope! The eldest and the youngest child of the school also lit up the hall by lighting the first purple together on the school Advent Wreath.  We also remember our beloved Miss Hancock during Advent. She will forever be, the light of STM.

Peter 1:13 Therefore, with minds that are alert and fully sober, set your hope on the grace to be brought to you when Jesus Christ is revealed at his coming. 

What does Hope mean and look like to you? 

Tuesday 23rd and 30th November 2021

SANCTUS led their fourth prayer club with the children from Year 4. The focus was on promises, what they are, why we make them and how important they are. We looked at scripture on promises and how they relate to our lives. We linked this to the following Social Catholic Teaching aspects of:

Human dignity - everyone is special

The common good - thinking of everyone, everyone should have a say

Solidarity - showing we care.

We chose a piece of scripture that related to us and wrote it on our hands to form a rainbow of promises. 

What scripture of promise relates to you? 

Tuesday 16th November 2021

SANCTUS led their third prayer club today with the children from Year 3.  We were delighted that 29 children  came to the session. The focus of prayer was based on COP26 and how it affects our forests. We spoke about how the forests are being affected now and what we can do to improve them. This linked with the Catholic Social Teaching aspect of The common good, stewardship and solidarity. We reflected on what we are grateful for and this was written on a leaf for us to remember that our gratitude's come from love.

Tuesday 9th November 2021

SANCTUS led their second prayer club today with the children from Year 2.  We were delighted that 23 children  came to the session. The focus of prayer was based on the Gospel of Mark 12:38-44. The children took time to reflect on their gifts and how they give and receive their gifts. The children understood that giving a gift comes from the heart and not just in possessions. What are your gifts and how do you use them?