We tell our children  “Look smart, think smart.” 

They can only do that if you help them!

Learning to present themselves smartly is an important step in our children’s journey towards being confident learners with high expectations of themselves.  Reminders will be sent home to children who repeatedly forget parts of their uniform or wear items which do not comply with this guidance. 

The school uniform is available from BOFFINS, Pickford Lane, Bexleyheath, although unbranded items can be purchased via the usual high street stores and supermarkets.

School jacket, ties, caps, PE t-shirts, PE bags, ruck sacks and book bags are available from the School Office.

These can be ordered via ParentMail

Please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly marked with your child’s name.

Trainers are only for PE; when purchasing uniform please buy smart shoes that can be polished.

Jewellery: Please keep your jewellery at home for special occasions.   Wearing of bangles such as the Kara is permitted as we recognise they are an external article of faith. 

Children may wear wristwatches if they can  tell the time. From Year 3 onwards they may wear a simple watch if they are still learning.  "Smart" watches are not allowed, many of these can cause a safeguarding risk

Please do not bring your child to school wearing earrings as we will ask you to remove them.

“Look smart, think smart.”

Summer uniform may be worn from the start of the school year up to the start of the October half term.    However if it is particularly cold, please change to the winter uniform.   Winter uniform is compulsory from November until the start of May.   From the start of May, summer uniform is compulsory.

Please do not mix and match winter and summer uniforms.

Summer Uniform

Winter Uniform

Physical Education


Trainers (Velcro and not laced unless your child can tie laces)

Black or navy jogging bottoms

T-shirt in house colour

White socks

Black or house colour sweatshirt


Black Plimsolls

Loose black shorts (no cycling shorts)

White socks

T-shirt in house colour

Stamptastic Uniform Labelling

Our school has registered with the brilliant Stamptastic Scheme. Stamptastic is the quickest and easiest way to label school uniform. 

The stamp can withhold over 50 washes on care labels and school name tags without fading. 

The stamp is a transparent block for accurate and easy positioning, it also has ergonomic curved edges which make it easy to handle.  

When purchasing your personalised stamp you can choose the font, font size and even choose a little icon to go on your stamp making it fun for your child to identify their belongings. 

Once you have added to your basket the School Name Labels Deluxe Bundle which includes your personalised name stamp, an ink pad and a white fabric pen you enter the schools personal code in the discount field at checkout. In doing this the cost of the white fabric pen gets automatically deducted from your order, so you get the white fabric pen for free and the school receives commission on your entire order generating funds for the school. The fabric pen is great for those difficult to label items such as wellington boots, plimsolls for PE, school bags and swimming bags. 

Stamptastic's website is: https://stamptastic.co.uk

The school code is: DA7 4PH (the school's post code!)

Quick, easy, a fun way to label the children's uniform, no lost school uniform and a way to generate funds for the school. 

If you need any assistance or have any questions please speak to Miss Barber who will happily assist you.

Thank you all for your support.

Where to purchase St Thomas More Uniform

There are several ways you can purchase your uniform:

Via Parentmail:

Once you are fully registered with the school, you will have access to our online uniform shop via Parentmail. The online shop offers you the chance to order the following:

*Prices are subject to change and are therefore published on Parentmail

Uniform Partner - Boffins on Pickford Lane:

Our main uniform partner is Boffins located at 37 Pickford Lane, DA7 4QU. At Boffins offer online and in-person ordering services and you are able to order the following:


There is no expectaion that your child wears St Thomas More branded uniform. Supermarkets offer a huge range of plain uniform at very reasonable prices. As long as your child is dressed in appropriate colours for the normal school day and on days in which they do PE, unbranded clothing is perfectly fine.

STM Pre-loved uniform shop:

Thanks to the very generous donations of pre-loved uniform from our parents, we are delighted to be able to offer second hand uniform. We can offer the following where available:

Please note that not all sizes and ranges will be available at all times. If you would like to avail of this service, please e-mail your order to office@stm.bexley.sch.uk

If you wish to donate pre-loved uniform, please bring it into the school office - due to storage restrictions we are currently only able to accept branded jumpers/cardigans, branded coats, and house coloured PE attire.