Physical Education

PE Provision

Students at St Thomas More Catholic Primary School have proved that Physical Education is not just about the physical development of our young people but also about building an understanding of how active lifestyles can benefit the individual in preparation for life long participation in sport. Our ‘Change 4 Life’ club helps those children who are seen to be less active and we have also worked closely with organisations such as ‘Get Set’ and ‘Sport for Champions’ to increase the amount of activity our children complete, not only themselves, but with their family members as well. In addition, the Year 6 students also study sports science modules to have a deeper understanding of physical movements and the muscles used.

Our students prove themselves to have developed, and in some cases mastered the skills that help them to become successful and confident athletes who are ready for their transition to secondary school. Our Year 6 students study 3 different theoretical components of PE in preparation for the expected standards next year in their new schools. Physical skills that they are developing are in some cases surpassing that of current secondary school pupils. 

They have been provided with opportunities to improve their fitness and be active thus developing their physical abilities in sport. KS1 and KS2 students have access to more activities that ever before, be it through extra-curricular clubs, fixtures or House Competitions. The Sports Council focus on improving the provision of PE and competitions throughout the school. As well as this, we provide a variety of competitive and non-competitive sporting opportunities for all children, involving boys, girls, KS1, KS2 and SEN children

Throughout the year the students begin to recognise the importance of having a social, creative, personal and cognitive understanding of PE in addition to those skills developed physically, and this allows them an opportunity to experience success in a unique learning environment. All KS1 and KS2 students are able to relate to the fundamental strands that make a successful PE student, including the children in Reception. We also aim to provide opportunity for our children to be active throughout the day, immersing them in a range of sports at break and lunchtime, through using sporting equipment and being taught new games by our year 6 sport leaders. 

Our Physical Education curriculum sees our students enjoy a number of successes and opportunities. This comes from providing an understanding that is embedded within ‘Invasion Games’, Multi-Skills, Identifying and Problem Solving Skills, and Exploring, Creating and Replicating Ideas, Concepts and Emotions.’ After school it has seen us take part in a wide variety of activities, all of which we have an abundance of players for. Pupils’ physical well-being is supported tremendously well through various sports clubs and active physical education lessons. (Ofsted Report, Spring 2017). At St Thomas More we love to promote achievement and will regularly take a moment to celebrate sporting achievements in whole school assemblies and show our support and congratulations to the boys and girls sport teams after a fixture or tournament. 

Sports mark awards