Homelearning Support

Inside the front of your homework/ reading diary, you will find a series of logins for home learning resources. It is important that you learn these logins and keep them safe by not sharing them. If you lose the login, then please speak with your class teacher or Mr Rowe so that it can be re-issued.

Google Login

The Google Login will allow access to your Google Classroom once you have joined it with your Class Code

Parent guide to Google Classrooms STM
Google Classroom_1.mp4

How to access Google Classroom

LGFL login

Also known as a USO login is used to access many resources such as Busythings and J2e that are used at school and can be used at home too.

Busythings login.mp4


How to login, click here for pdf.

J2E login.mp4


How to login, click here for pdf

Websites with their own login


Reading Eggs

(available for Yrs 1-2)

Sumdog Login.mp4


How to login, click for pdf

Reading Plus.mp4

Reading Plus

How to login, click for pdf

(available to Yrs 3-6)

If you receive an error message (404)

How to Solve a Login Problem .mp4

If you have any issues with any of your accounts, your first point of contact should be your teacher who may direct you to Mr Rowe.