SVP Mini Vinnies Celebration Mass 7th June 2024

We were very excited to be invited by the SVP to attend their annual celebration Mass. We joined many other schools for this maginificnt event which was celebrated with Archbishop John Wilson who commended us on our work for the community. He told us that we live the teachings of Jesus of "As I have loved you, you must love each other' as we as 'as I have served you, you must serve each other.' This made us realise that the love and service we give to our community is truly amazing.  We had a truly amazing day as we also met Vinnie bear and had a picnic together in the park.

Faith in Action - Archbishop's Appeal - Winter Warmer Drop in - Mini Vinnies soup kitchen

What a fantastic first Winter Warmer! We were so excited to get our project up and running to support our local community who are suffering from food poverty. We were delighted to welcome all who arrived and ensured we looked after them to the best of our ability. Here are some of the comments from our wonderful community:

“Everything is fabulous wonderful and very nice you guys are doing a smashing job!”

“The service was very good a good deed has been done”

“It was amazing thank you so much!”

“Thank you for serving us and caring for us it was delicious!”

“Thank you for my nice dinner service is perfect”

“Thank you for my dinner it was nice and lovely all the children are very polite and professional.”

 “I feel very welcome and warm this is a very good soup where did you get the recipe from?”

“I would definitely come again what a great community atmosphere where I can have a chat and link with other members of my community.”

“Thank you for this when is the next one? I would love to be there.”

“We are very grateful for you for having us this evening we can't believe this is your first opening night, we are so grateful for this”

We are thrilled with the success of our first night and really looking forward to our next session next week!!

Faith in Action - Remembrance Day

Our Mini Vinnies group have been supporting the Royal British Legion by selling poppies around the school, well done to all the children for their kind and generous donations. 

Mini Vinnies Lent assembly and activities

During Lent, our Mini Vinnies have worked together to plan an Act of Worship for each Key stage focusing on The Good Samaritan and linking this to Catholic Social Teaching of Human Dignity, the Common Good and Preferential Option for the Poor. The activities ranged from role play to discussing how we support our local community.

Turning Concern into Action February 2023

Our Mini Vinnies group have identified that there a many problems on Sheldon Road. Our school have addressed this in our School Newsletter and we feel that now we need to get our local MP involved. We worked together to look at the problem and possible solutions in the hope that we are listened to. Using the CST of Distributive Justice and Promoting Peace we are working to serve our children, our neighbourhood and the safety of all. Here is a draft of our letter.

Turning Concern into Action January 2023

Our Mini Vinnies group have ben discussing our local community and who we can help. Using the CST element of The Common Good, we have identified two care homes that we are willing to serve and have written them a letter to offer our help. We have written to Maples care home and Adelaide Care home. We are excited to be awaiting their response.

Shoe box appeal - November to December 2022

Mini Vinnies are so proud of our school community by putting Preferential Option for the Poor into action by thinking of others and donating gifts and items for the Women's refuge in Bexleyheath. 

We are a Mini Vinnies School!

All about Mini Vinnies 

Meet our new Mini Vinnies Team!!

Our roles

This half term our President is Matilda who will work closely with Mrs McClumpha and chairing the meetings. 

Our Vice President is Eliel who will work closely with Matilda and chair meetings if the president is absent.

Our Secretary is Roxy who will take minutes at each meeting.

Our Treasurer is Malini who who will take care of the fundraising.

Our Spiritual Advisors are Amara and Morolayo who will plan and lead prayer in the meetings.