Frequently Asked Questions


1.       How many children are in a class?

30 per class as a two-form entry, this means 60 children per year group in EYFS and KS1. In some KS2 classes we have 32 children so that our total pupil admission is 420 maximum.

2.       What is the selection criteria?

Our school is a Catholic school primarily for children who have been baptised catholic from the parishes’ of St Thomas More and St John Vianney. We do have children from a wide range of faith backgrounds but we apply the admissions criteria every year so it is important that if you apply you understand which category your child’s application falls into.

3.       Are you oversubscribed?

We are oversubscribed for most year groups.

4.       Do you have special needs children?

Approximately 14% of our school population has a Special Educational Need. While we do our best for all our children, we are a mainstream school and all our work with our SEN children has to be mindful of this. We have children of all ability types and aim to be as inclusive as possible.

5.       Where do your children go to secondary school?

Over the last ten years, the vast majority of our children have gone to St Catherine’s and St Columbas following on with their Catholic education. Some parents choose private education, other choose selective education.

6.       Do you sit the 11+ exam?

We do not host or teach for the selection tests. As a Catholic school, we abide by the Diocesan guidelines, parents who wish their children to sit selection tests organise this themselves.

7.       Do you have a before and after school club?

Yes we have a before and after school club in school which is organised and managed by our own in-house staff. It runs from 7.30am until 6.00pm. Late fee charge for anyone who does not pick up by 6pm (£30 per child).

8.       Who makes the school dinners?

All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to a free meal. Our caterers, Harrisons, cook this on site. Children with medical needs or allergies have a bespoke call with Harrisons to ensure that all needs can be catered for.

9.        How is behaviour managed?

Choosing St Thomas More means you have entrusted us with your child and from their first day they become our child. We work hard on our behaviour so that children know right from wrong. For some this takes longer than others but we don’t give up on them. All children are known by name and are taught that unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated. The school works with parents to ensure that the needs of the child are met and that children are not stigmatised. Equally, we enjoy sharing the success of our children with our parents. Our behaviour is very good because we work hard at it.

10.   What is our curriculum is like?

We use a cross-curricular approach to ensure that children become excellent communicators by the time they leave Year 6. We currently have an art and music curriculum delivered by specialist instructor and a PE curriculum that has been designed especially for our school by a PE specialist.  Our Computing curriculum has also been planned to ensure that children are aware of the ever-changing technical world around them hopefully preparing them for a world beyond the gates of St Thomas More. Our children learn how to problem solve and approach the challenges of the curriculum with enthusiasm and a growth mind-set.

11.   Do all your children reach national by the end of KS2?

Our results are spikey year on year because every cohort is different and we have to approach the needs of individual children. This means that it is unlikely that we will ever achieve 100% in our KS2 SATS but it does not stop us from trying. We achieve above national results across all key stages, but this can only be achieved with parental partnership and support.

12.   What is unique about our school?

Our school motto is Do More, Be More. We believe that children who work hard, play hard and pray hard can achieve great things. Every child is different and has a different starting point. We believe our children make us unique. It takes seven years to prepare a child for secondary school and we believe that we do this very successfully, developing the whole child. All of our members, staff and children, work hard, play hard and pray hard. We are a Christ centred school and very proud of it!

13. How do I sign my child up to Saints and Scholars (breakfast club and after school club)?

SAS is a paid for, wrap around care club run by in-house staff and has limited numbers as to how many pupils they can take at one time .  For those children whose application to start here at St Thomas More in September 2023 is successful, you will be given sign up forms as part of your starting  school pack. This is when you can apply for a space in SAS and then the team will be in contact with you to confirm details and whether there is a space available.