STM Long Term Planner

The STM Curriculum

At St Thomas More, we aim to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum which challenges every pupil. Our aim is to ensure that our students are exposed to a wide range of subjects which broaden their horizons and give them the opportunity to develop the cultural capital needed to be successful in a world beyond our school gates. Furthermore, it is our belief that we should provide our pupils as many opportunities to be successful as we can.  

It is our intent that every subject is held in a high regard by our students, and they are seen as pathways to having a successful future. We aim for our students to develop a wide range of skills in all subjects that can be applied across the curriculum. By the time our children leave STM they will have developed a rich knowledge from which to draw from when required.

Our curriculum is based upon the STM Curriculum. Each half term our students are immersed in new learning, which is bespoke to their current year group, and has been tailored to their needs - ensuring challenge across the curriculum. 

Curriculum and Science Long Term Planner 2023-2024.docx