Parent Workshops

Here you will find documents/slides about how to support your child at home

If you have trouble watching these videos, you may find it easier to download it to your device and then play it.

Maths Workshop 11th October 22

Maths at St Thomas More Catholic Primary School.pdf

Following on from today's workshop please find the slides from the session. There is more information about maths under parents and curriculum.

Mrs Lodge

Reading Workshop 27th September 22

Following on from today's workshop please find the slides , year group newsletters with reading skills and reading maps for every year group.

Mrs Coward

Reading Parent Workshop.pptx (1).pdf

Reading Skills (2nd page of Newsletter)

Year 1.pdf
Year 2.pdf
Year 3.pdf
Year 4.pdf
Year 5.pdf
Year 6.pdf

Reading Maps

Reading Map - EYFS.docx (1).pdf
Reading Map - Year 1.docx.pdf
Reading Map - Year 2.docx.pdf
Reading Map - Year 3.docx.pdf
Reading Map - Year 4.docx.pdf
Reading Map - Year 5.docx.pdf
Reading Map - Year 6.docx.pdf

Skills and Knowledge

Skills and Knowledge - Parent Workshop.mp4

Early Reading

Early Reading Parent Workshop - January 2021.mp4


Wellbeing Parent Workshop - January 2021.mp4

Year 6 SATS

2021 SATs Workshop.pdf

Phonics / Reading

Phonics Reading Workshop.mp4

EYFS Early Mathematics

EYFS Maths Parent Presentation

Year 2 SATs Parent Booklet

KS1 SATs Parent Guide 2021-22.pdf

Year 6 SATs Parent Booklet

KS2 SATs Parent Guide 2021-22.pdf

Year 3 and 4 Multiplication Check (MTC) Parent Booklet

MTC Parent Guide 2021-22.pdf